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Core Courses (Compulsory for all Students)


History, Its Nature and Purpose Ancient Indian
Ancient Societies Medieval India
Medieval Societies Modern India
Modern Western World Modern Asia

Optional Courses (Any Four to be Chosen)

Indian Pre-History and Proto-History
Socio-Economic History of India up to AD 500
Art and Architecture in Ancient India up to AD 600
Marginality and Privilege in Early India
Socio-Economic History of Medieval India 1200-1500
Religion, Society and Culture in Medieval India
Urban History of Medieval India 1200-1750
Nature of Medieval Indian State
Social Change in Modern India
Economic History of India, 1858-1947
Indian National Movement, 1885-1919
History of Peasant Movements in Modern India
Revolutionary Europe 1789-1848
Art and Architecture in Medieval India
Visualizing Early Indian Culture
Agrarian System in Medieval India
Cartography in Medieval India
Fortifications of Medieval Deccan

Iron Age and Urbanization in India
Religion & Society in India Up to AD 1200
Socio-Economic History of Early Medieval India 600-1200AD
Indian Epigraphy
South Indian History: 600-1350 AD
Religion, Society and Culture in Medieval Deccan
Socio-Economic History of Medieval India 1500-1750
Indian National Movement, 1919-1947
History of Ideas in Modern India
Modern Andhra
Hierarchy and Identity: Caste in Modern India
The Medieval South Indian Temple
History and Culture of Medieval Tibet
Science and Human Past
Science and Technology in Medieval India
Law and Society in Colonial India
Science, Technology and Modern World
Cultural History of Modern India
Reading Sources on Early Indian Society
History of Architecture in Medieval India
Women in Indian Civilization
The world of Indian Ocean
History and World Making: 1500 to Present
History of Indians in Cinema ( Pre-1947)
Women’s History in India from 18th Century to 20th Century

The Department also provides research guidance both at M.Phil and Ph.D level on various themes including issues of contemporary importance.

Integrated Masters (IMA) Programme in Social Sciences


Drawn from different parts of the country, the Faculty of the Department has an expertise that spans all areas of historical research from archaeological studies of pre-history to modern socio-cultural and intellectual history. Apart from contemporary issues of concern, the protection and conservation of heritage gender studies, history of environment, science and technology, historical studies of popular culture, caste, marginal societies, nature of Indian state, Indian nationalism and regional history constitute the themes of various courses that are taught by faculty. Courses are formulated around these issues and research guidance is regularly undertaken around these themes.


ALOKA PARASHER SEN, Ph.D. (London) - Ancient and Early Medieval Indian History, Socio Economic History of the Deccan, Women’s History, Historical Archaeology, Urban History and Historiography (on EOL)
Room No: 105 Phone Number: (O) 23133152 E-mail:

RATTAN LAL HANGLOO, Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi) (HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT)- Socio-Economic History, Medieval Indian History, Medieval Indian State and History of Kashmir and Central Asia
Room No: 140 Phone Number: (O) 23133154 E-mail:

ATLURY MURALI, Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi) - Social and Cultural History of Colonial India with special reference to Freedom Struggle, Peasant Movements, Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies and History of Computers, Science, Technology and Medicine
Room No: 141 Phone Number: (O) 23133156 E-mail:

K. P. RAO, Ph.D. (Nagpur) – Field Archaeology, Pre and Proto History, Ancient Indian History, Iron Age, Megalithic Culture and Ancient Trade.
Room No: 135 Phone Number: (O) 23133159 E-mail:

RILA MUKHERJEE, Ph.D. (Paris) – Economic History of South Asia, early Modern European history, Democracy and citizenship studies, Maritime and Oceanic history, Historical Cartography
Room No: 105 Phone Number: (O) 23133152 E-mail:

REKHA PANDE, Ph.D. (Allahabad) - Medieval Indian History, Socio-economic History, Women’s History, Religion, Society and Cultural History and the History of Medieval Science and Technology (Coordinator, Centre for Women’s Studies).
Room No: 106 Phone Number: (O) 23133157 E-mail:


SANJAY SUBODH, Ph.D. (Chandigarh) – Medieval Indian Historiography, Science and Technology and Medieval Archaeology.
Room No: 105 Phone Number: (O) 23133165 E-mail:

R. SWARUPA RANI, Ph.D (Hyderabad) – Modern Indian History, Social and Cultural History of South India, Women’s History and Historiography.
Room No: 105 Phone Number: (O) 23133158E-mail:


M.N. RAJESH, Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi) – Medieval Indian History, Socio-Religious Movements and Polity in South India and the Deccan and Tibetan History and Culture.
Room No: 105 Phone Number: (O) 23133160 E-mail:

ANINDITA MUKHOPADHYAY, Ph.D. (London) – Modern Indian History, Modern Western Ideas and their Impact, Law and Society, Society and Culture.
Room No: 170 Phone Number: (O) 23133161 E-mail:

V. RAJAGOPAL, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) - Modern Indian History, Social History and History of South India.
Room No: 140 Phone Number: (O) 23133162 E-mail: